writing notes

 N O T E S

11/23/2018 12:45 pm

Lead me through the curtain 

To transition outward only 

To fall in on yourself completely 

Peer out the window into the smoke

Turn me over and over and over

Down below the breath of the spring

Remembering things about old feelings I never felt

It’s quiet behind the window 

Underneath the forest 

Waiting at the entrance

But never going in

Where is the edge

The rain came and the branches laid down before me

Find me after dark

Build a pile to bury the lead

Take me to the boundary 

Tell me more about you

At some point it will stop

Follow the smoke to the edge

Tour of the universe

Bleeding from your mouth in public 

To show yourself from underneath 

After the storm

The dislocation 

Feel your chemistry 

Find me nowhere

At the center of the sea

Lock yourself in the shadows of strangers

Make time to make time

Going really far down the wrong road

Dim lights guide the way 

Disentangle my disengagement 

Coming up against the wall 

Dealing with my issues too

The journey will always lead the unwilling nowhere special 

Take your own advice

Things seem so light and empty looking back 

Turn around inside my shadow 

Take the time to take the time

The pavement keeps the moisture out

10/13/2018 7:28 am

My role is to build you all programs and SOPs to help but I can’t

Things are getting “done” but only part done. 

These things are easier to do in the moment than finding them later. Big time suck

5/3/2018 12:22 pm

Piece like a training video. Just text on PowerPoint with voiceover

4/6/2018 1:35 pm

It feels like we haven’t taken what we’ve learned and developed it further. Pop art put a halt on the development of painting. Or took it in a different direction. It would seem that Renoir and césane broke away from the defined to open painting up. This lead to twombly diebenkorn Stella and guston and then it stopped, rightfully moved to conceptualism creating anew genre and field to converse. This conceptual field has merits of its own but simultaneously is a part of the breaking down of all artistic forms. I feel that painting has dealt with the conceptual hurtles it needed to get over and now it’s time to get back to painting. What would Renoir paint if he knew what we know now. 

2/16/2018 9:58 am

The image on the bottom has the river crab proclaiming:  我和谐你!’I’ll harmonize you!’ while the Caonima replies 肏你妈 ‘go fuck your mother!

12/18/2017 1:04 am



-interesting structure 


School of the museum of fine arts Boston 


-linked with tufts where Higgs boson work is being done and also links with MIT where applicable only 4 miles away




-well rounded and nearby

-$11,220 / $23,465

Aalto university


-art and science merge / focus

-I don’t speak Finnish 

École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts 


-rich in history and faculty 

-I barely speak French and it’s cold and rainy there

-little science study



-the ultimate 

-less but not no physics (ranks very low on the top physics programs)


-right the fuck here

-insane physics programs 




-great art program for career development 

-loose structure 

-strong physics program

Virginia commonwealth university 


-sounds spacious, quiet and focused leaving careerist New Yorkers in New York 

12/18/17 8:12 am

We see ourselves and the world through ourselves   Art is the observation of the unknown through the lens of the self

To physicalize an emotion as to look at it from another perspective

I thought for a long time that painting was striving to figure something out. But that’s not true. It’s simply there to glimpse. To taste the other side. If you want something to change, study physics. 

We’ve lost our train of thought 

Yes technology and human history has to do with art too but it is a branch on the tree only. A moment in our timeline. The conversation of art isn’t about technology and where we are in history. 

It’s about image making. Feeling making. It’s about externalizing. To explore that world of feeling. Technology was an important topic in that conversation but it has taken us off track in some respects. There are still so many unanswered questions that were being tackled by our predecessors that we have put on the shelf. 

Some people have picked it up off the shelf and are exploring the simplicity again. Exploring texture and emotion and gesture and atmosphere and impression. I see Guston and De Kooning reappearing. Where they came out of confusion and a redundant art world around them, so too these new painters are coming from the same place. 

The struggle now is to avoid art history and derivative works but embrace philosophy and science and the pathway to a greater understanding of ourselves and the universe outside our understanding. 

While painting outside of the square was an important segue, the issues that begin to arise are that not of the painting itself but of the space the painting inhabits. Suddenly the artists control over the scene has been lost and the work has spilled out into the common world and is forced to interact now with everything around it. This gives the standard viewer less opportunity to make a connection with the piece itself but rather bombards the viewer with all the information the room has to offer from where they then must find the art in such a blast of information 

(Change last line. Wrong wording)

12/17/2017 11:18 pm

Enter a room and it instantly phase shifts 

Dark energy may decay in the next phase shift and the universe as we see it may collapse back into chaos. The heat from the energy of every galaxy blowing apart would heat the universe back up and that may collapse everything back to the beginning. Or would it be a later phase shift?  

This is evidence for the theory that this is not the first Big Bang. 

Or does everything freeze and freeze and freeze. What happens to a thing when it freezes. Would it just be preserved until it comes out of its freeze?