s t a t e d

As we learn new things, what we understand about reality must adjust respectively.

Through his work, Dillon explores the limits presented by the subjective experience to observe the building blocks of the world around us. Deeply curious about the structure of the universe and ourselves, he marries studies in quantum physics with his artistic influences to address the circumstantial nature of the human dilemma. 

Through brief suggestions, pared down performative actions and a quiet, contemplative arch through his work, he opens a space for the viewer to understand their own experience and question the certainty of the human condition. 

To feel strange in a place and not know why. 

To feel lost on a street you’ve always known. 

With a strong foundational influence from artists such as Diebenkorn, Martin, Ryman and Stella, there are also very clear, connections to the writings and approaches of artists like Nauman, Morris, Hesse, and LeWitt. Through all of this, his romantic outlook on life maintains, in his work, the tranquility of Ader, Alys, and Turrell.

Based out of Oakland, California, Dillon has a BFA in printmaking from California College of the Arts and Crafts. His practice now spans print, photography, sculpture, writing, as well as performative and ephemeral works. 

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